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Career Consortium Resources: Manufacturing Cluster

This guide is designed to connect partnership high schools to FHTC resources.

How To Use This Page

Each pathway has a box listed below.  If there are resources or courses that match up with an FHTC course or program of study, you will find the information linked.  Explore career options, current trends in employment, as well as wage information.  Additionally, explore each programs page more fully to find additional resources and information about that program.  If there are career pathway courses that will prepare you for particular programs, that information is also listed.

48.0000 Manufacturing

Career Pathway Course                                                                                                                                                FHTC Connected Course for Credit

21107 Drafting/CAD IET 108 Technical Drawing

38001 Intro to Industrial Technology &

17113 Electrical & Security Systems

IET 115 Residential Wiring

21108 Production Blueprint Reading &

17062 Skilled Mechanical Crafts &

13002 Manufacturing Process &

13052 Mass Production

IET 233 Industrial Mechanical Principles

13203 Machine Tool Technology I &

39204 Machine Tool Technology II

MTE 113 Manual Machining I



Career Pathway Course Could Prepare You for These FHTC Courses (Programs)
13207 Introduction to Welding Introduction to Welding (WLD, IET)

21108 Production Blue Print Reading

39108 Advance Production Blueprint Reading

Basic Print Reading (PPT)

Blueprint Reading for Fitters and Welders (WLD)

13208 Maintenance Welding Production

39208 (18407) Production Welding Process II

Welding Procedures Qualification; Welding Discontinuity and Defects (WLD)

39052 Mass Production II

39010 Automated Systems

38010 Advanced Materials Technology

Motor control; Mechatronics (IET)
39302 Hydraulics & Pneumatics Hydraulics and Pneumatics (IET)
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