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Career Consortium Resources: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Cluster

This guide is designed to connect partnership high schools to FHTC resources.

How To Use This Page

Each pathway has a box listed below.  If there are resources or courses that match up with an FHTC course or program of study, you will find the information linked.  Explore career options, current trends in employment, as well as wage information.  Additionally, explore each programs page more fully to find additional resources and information about that program.  If there are career pathway courses that will prepare you for particular programs, that information is also listed.

Overall Cluster

09.0702 AV Communications

Career Pathway Course                                             FHTC Connected Course for Credit

30151 Digital Media Design and Production &

30105 Photo Imaging

IMD 120 Principles of Computer Graphics                   



Career Pathway Course Could Prepare You for These FHTC Courses (Programs)
30104 Digital Media Technology Digital Storytelling (IMD)
43115 Media and Public Relations

Business Communications; Public Speaking;

Interpersonal Communication (BUS, Gen ED)

30103 Audio/Video Production Fund

30150 Video Production

Digital Video Production (IMD)

30102 Graphic Design Fundamentals* 

05162/11154 Graphic Design*

Graphic Design (GAT)

50.0499 Visual Arts


Career Pathway Course    FHTC Connected Course for Credit 

Offered Dual Credit

Face to Face @ HS

30102 Graphic Design Fundamentals


GAT 117 Graphic Design I

Chase County, Emporia, Eureka, Hartford,

Madison, Northern Heights, Olpe, Osage City

05162/11154 Graphic Design &

30105 Photo Imaging

GAT 250 Photography Chase County, Emporia



Career Pathway Course Could Prepare You for These FHTC Courses (Programs)
45001 Intro to Family and Consumer Science Interpersonal Communication; Intro to Psychology; Intro to Sociology (Gen Ed)
10202 Computer Graphics Principles of Computer Graphics (IMD)
Library Hours: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Thursday; 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Friday Located at 3301 W. 18th Ave. Emporia, Kansas 66801