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Division of Gen Ed: Oral and Written Communication: Online IPC Research Paper

Research and Resource Connections for Oral and Written Communication Courses

Online Databases found Through Web Links

Topic 1: Relationship Theories- Interpersonal Needs

Developed by William Schutz. The theory focuses on the idea that we exchange and share information with others in relationships in order to have our needs met (reference Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need).  The FIRO aspect promoted the sharing of feelings in order to more effectively meet those needs.  

Topic 2: Relationship Theories- Social Exchange Theory

This theory has many various aspects and has been adapted by several researchers (the most popular ones are John Thibaut and Harold Kelly).  This theory views disclosure of information in relationships from a “worth= rewards- cost” 

Topic 3: Intimate Relationships- Five Types of Marriage

The theory breaks down marriage types into five distinctive categories based on field research conducted.  There are also some distinctive categories identified by Mary Anne Fitzpatrick. 

Topic 4: Intimate Relationships- Family Life cycle

The model was developed to quantify how family dynamics change over time and was broken down into 7 stages. Additionally families have their own unique requirements of communication.

Topic 5: Social Relationships- 6 Stage Model of Friendship

The model discusses how we build and lose friendships in our lives.  There are several distinctive reasons we seek out friendship and it changes based on genders and cultural norms. 

Topic 6: Social Relationships- Leadership

Leadership styles are an important area to understand.  The type of leader in any social dynamic can greatly impact how any group interacts, makes decisions and communicates. 

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