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Division of Gen Ed: Oral and Written Communication: Creating Presentations

Research and Resource Connections for Oral and Written Communication Courses

Presentations 101

Use the information and tools below to create a presentation that will blow your audience away!

Designing presentations is a bit more detailed than you might think.  Anyone can put information into a presentation format, but putting that information into a format that is effective, easily understood by the audience, and captures the interest or attention of the audience takes some effort.   

PowerPoint 101


10 Slides should equal 20 minutes of presentation and no smaller than 30 point font on any slide!

Why this rule:  PowerPoints have been used and abused in the world of presentations.  PowerPoints are meant to be an AIDE to a presentation, not the entirety of the presentation.  If everything is on the slides, or there is a large chunk of text- the audience will read and not be listening to the presenter.  PowerPoints should only have outlines, key information or small important chunks that the presenter expands on and explains to the audience.  A presenter should NEVER READ THE POWERPOINT TO THE AUDIENCE! This insults the intelligence of the audience and will cause them to tune out!

When are PowerPoints appropriate:

PowerPoints should be used when the audience needs to retain information or take notes over the information for later use. The slides should isolate and point out the key aspects that your audience needs to know or remember.  

Prezi Tips and Tricks

FAIR WARNING: Prezi's can be a fun way to spice up a presentation and get away from the standard PowerPoint.  However, the shift, zoom in, zoom out and shift again can be difficult for some audience members that are prone to motion sickness.  Therefore, be sure that for each Prezi area you can spend some time explaining the information before zooming on to the next point.

Other Cool Design Sites

Animated Video

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