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Connect to Resources- LIBRARY 101: Laptop CheckOut

How to access and use library resources!

Laptop Checkout Link

The link provided on the website is to provide you information and let you know that we have this service available to you.  Technology always manages to fail us at the exact time we have the most need for it.  If it is during the work week, you can come by the library to borrow a laptop to get that assignment done!

Listed below are the terms and conditions of checkout.

Laptop Agreement Form

The purpose of the laptop computer lending program is:

           • to share 7 laptop computers with over 600 students.

           • to provide short-term use of a computer at a place other than the classroom or lab.

The library laptop lending program does not:

           • replace a computer when one is required by a program.

           • provide a person with continuous of a laptop. 

Laptop computers from the Flint Hills Technical College Library may be checked out according to the following terms:

• A $5 deposit is required at the time of check out. Exact amount only, we cannot make change.

• The laptop may be checked out overnight (or Friday to Monday).

• If there is no waiting list, a laptop may be checked out for a second overnight period, but must be returned on the third day. One may be checked out the following day, provided there is no waiting list. Laptops checked out on Friday cannot be renewed. (Example: you check out a laptop on Monday and renew it on Tuesday. It will be due Wednesday. You may check one out again on Thursday, if one is available.)

• If the computer is turned in late, the $5.00 deposit will be kept as a late fee. After a second offense of one day late, or a single occurrence when the laptop is more than one day late, you will lose laptop check-out privileges for the rest of the semester.

• DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY PROGRAMS TO THIS LAPTOP. Do not run or create pornographic or other inappropriate material on this laptop.

• Do not save to the hard drive. Save all data to a removable storage device.


• YOU, not anyone else, are responsible for the computer at all times. You are responsible for replacement or repair in case of any damage or theft. This excludes normal wear and tear. Replacement cost is $1,200. Report any problems to library staff immediately. 

Agreement: I understand the terms described above and agree to the conditions as outlined. I fully understand that it is my responsibility to take care of this equipment while it is assigned to me and to pay for the replacement of any parts that are broken, lost, or stolen. Failure to do so will result in punitive actions in accordance with college policy. In addition, I will be denied future use of the laptop computer.

Library Hours: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Thursday; 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Friday Located at 3301 W. 18th Ave. Emporia, Kansas 66801