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Connect to Resources- LIBRARY 101: Kansas State Library

How to access and use library resources!

Kansas State Library

The majority of resources found on this website will not require a special login to use if accessed through the school library "Web Links".  However, for some sources, you will need a KSLibrary Card. To get signed up for a KSLibrary Card contact the Director of Information Resources at FHTC (620-341-1323 or stop by the main campus M123).   

Research Databases Available

General Research

The general research links will take you to good starting points for any topic.  These databases cover a wide range of topics and contain a vast amount of resources.  This is a great place to get "peer reviewed articles" or "juried articles."  When instructions include the words good resources, credible resources, or journal articles- this is the place to start!

Skill Builder

This collection has some very cool applications and uses.  These are great resources for getting ready to take the next step in your life (school or career).  Each of these resources cover a variety of things, so see the annotations next to each resource for more information.

History & Geneology

"We must learn from history, least we are doomed to repeat it." ~Churchill
This collection of historical databases includes Kansas History information and family genealogy.  If the past is fascinating or the assignment calls for historical comparison or perspective- these sites could be helpful!

Business & Technology

The Business and Technology sites offer a variety of information that can be helpful for a variety of reasons.  See the annotation next to each source for more information.


The Health databases link to targeted research on health related topics.  Articles found in these resources will be credible, quality, and scholarly sources. This is a go-to resource anyone taking courses in:

             Nursing Fields; Health Care and Occupational Therapy Fields; Dental Health Fields

             Human Anatomy, Psychology, or Sociology Classes

Stats & Government

Need some statistical information for that assigned research report?  These are the databases to use.  Each one contains collections of a variety of statistical data collected from a variety of source material.

En Espanol

Some of the KSL databases are also offered in Spanish platforms.  Those databases are listed below.

Librarian & Educator Resources

Teachers- these resources are targeted to enhance lessons and classrooms.  Looking for something new to add to that stale lesson, this is a good place to start!

eBooks and eBook apps

eBooks (read on screen)

Here are the basic instructions for the eBook options through KSL. More detailed instructions for all eBook apps and sites can be found on the main KSL eBooks page. 

Cloud Library (Formally 3M) is a digital lending site that contains mostly fiction from larger publishers. All functions are done through a software app.  *You will need a KSLibrary card to login and checkout books!*

Devices Specifics: Windows 10, 8, 7, & Vista/Mac OSX 7 and newer- transfer to eReaders (Nook, Kobo); Kindle Fire 2 or newer; Android 4.0.3 and newer; iOS 7 and newer


eBooks covering fiction and non-fiction titles.  Very large selection and includes some self-published titles. 

Device Specifics: Windows 10, 8, 7; Mac OSX 8 and newer; All Kindle Fires; Android 2.3 and newer, Nook HD and newer; iOS 7.1 and newer

Freading eBooks contains a large variety of fiction and nonfiction.  There are unlimited copies of all books and you can checkout 5 per week. 

Device Specifics: Windows 10, 8, 7; Mac OSX 8 and newer; Android 4 and newer; Nook Hd and Newer; iOS 7 and Newer

Typically will not need, but occasionally may be asked for a KsLibrary card login.  Mainly used to read online but there is a download option after installing "iPublish Central Reader" from the site. There are no limits on how many books you read or download.  All titles have unlimited copies (so an entire class could all pull the same book up at the same time!)

eAudiobooks (listen to)

One Click Digital is the main audio book service provided through the Kansas State Library.  *You will need a KSLibrary Card to login to this service and then create your own unique username and password!*  Mostly fiction books but there are some popular non-fiction titles as well.

Device Specifics: Any Windows or Mac software with speakers; Apple: iOS8 or newer; Android 4.0 and newer; Kindle Fire 2 and Newer

TumbleBooks is a catalog of mostly animated, picture story books with audio.  This is great for those younger kiddos to get them interested in reading! See the KSL page for more information and detailed instructions for use.

BookFlix takes an animated picture book and matches it with a non-fiction book.  Each book pair may also have a few games or puzzles to accompany the learning process.  Again, great for younger kiddos to foster the learning process! See the KSL page for more information and details.

Free Book Lending Sites

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a collection of eBooks in the public domain.  This means that the books found at this site are no longer under Copyright regulations.  Most of the 53,000 titles are classic literature. Can read them online or download on some devices.  


LibriVox is the audio of public domain material read by volunteer narrators.  Have the classics read to you. Compatible with most devices that are speaker enabled.

Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy is a collection of pictures books with accompanying audio in several languages.  This can be a good additional to language acquisition programs for younger students.

Report Issues or Problems

If any of the links on this page are not working or if there is a question about the information and content provided- please notify the Director of Information Resources by emailing
Library Hours: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Thursday; 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Friday Located at 3301 W. 18th Ave. Emporia, Kansas 66801