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Study/ Test Taking Skills: How to create a planner

To help students prepare and take tests for success


Having a planner is very important when you are in college. It is hard to keep track of all your class work, assignments, study time, work, and hanging out with friends. This will help you organize your time and set you up for success! 

Physical Planner

This planner contains 18 months all together and comes in three colors


  • Notes Pages
  • Each Month lined
  • Each Week is lined to track progress 

This planner is meant to help college, high school, and homeschooled students plan their academic success 


  • A Monthly Calendar
  • Goal Setting and monthly recap 
  • Grade tracker
  • Study Planner
  • Habit tracker 
  • Assignment tracker

The happy planner is completely customizable to you! Whatever you need you can add and it can grow with you. 


  • A 18 month planner
  • Stickers to help organize
  • Each week is lined
  • Tasks for each week

The planner not just for school!


  • Financial Balance Sheets
  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly calendar
  • Open layout

Digital Planner


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