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Study/ Test Taking Skills: TEAS Test

To help students prepare and take tests for success


Welcome to the TEAS Test- it can be very nerve racking to take. But know that we are here to help. 

Minimum Scores

  • HYG (Hygiene) you will need a 58.0% overall composite score to pass the TEAS Test 
  • NSG (Nursing) you will need a 58.7% overall composit in addition to a 60.0 % score in reading
    • These have to be done in one testing session, you cannot combine the scores! is a online study tool for when you take the TEAS Test. You have to pay for a subscription however they have a great passing rate for the test. 


  • Lessons
  • Tutors
  • Phone app to study on the go 
  • 200+ videos 
  • 2,000+ Practice Questions

ATI- Study

ATI TEAS Prep is meant to give you a authentic experience of taking the TEAS test. This is great if you have test taking anxiety so that you can practice how you will take the test. You have to pay for the packages in order to study on the site. 


  • Comprehensive Packages $215.00
  • Smartprep Package $139
  • Basic Package $99


  • Test tracker data
  • Track weaknesses
  • 3,000+ practice questions 
  • Practice tests
  • A&P practice Test
  • Print and E-book available.

Nursing Exams help you prepare for your TEAS test. This allows you to study on your own time in a way that is unique to you. 


  • 2,200+ Practice Questions
  • 238 VIdeos
  • 267 Lessons 
  • 21 Sets of Flashcards
  • Track Weaknesses and Strengths 
  • Set Goals and Track Progress
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