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Study/ Test Taking Skills: Testing Anxiety

To help students prepare and take tests for success

What is testing anxiety?

What is test anxiety? 

Test anxiety is the nervous feeling you get when you are about to take a test. This can be due to pressure you put on yourself or stress. This can effect how you do on the test. 

What can cause this? 

  • Pressure to Perform- Maybe you need this test to get into a program or pass a class
  • Workload- Your simply worried about failing 
  • Self-perceptions- Self Confidence, confidence in your career
  • Time Restraint 
  • Anxiety


Before the Test

Tips for before the test to prepare yourself

  1. Add the test date to your calendar- you will know how long you have to study
  2. The earlier you study the more prepared you will feel. Block out time to study. 
  3. Take Practice Tests, quizzes, or even create your own! 
  4. Sleep well the night before- its very tempting to cram the nigh before however you need sleep for your brain to function properly.
  5. Eat Breakfast!

During the Test

Congrats! Your in the test, but what now? 

  1. Practice Positive thinking- know that you will do your best. If you fail you can try again!
  2. Practice Mindful breathing- take a deep breath clear your mind and get ready for the test
  3. If you find yourself tensing up recognize it and let some of that stress go

After the Test

Ok, deep breath you finished. Either you passed or you need to try again!

  1. What where you able to control? 
    1. Did you get enough sleep? Did you cram? when evaluating why you might have failed you can see what you can do better in the future. 
  2. Look for feedback
    1. Some tests have feedback some don't. If its a written test as your teacher if you can talk about the test. If the test is online review the correct answers. 


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