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CHIPS for America: Home

This LibGuide is meant to walk interested parties through the CHIPS Act for America

What is the CHIPS ACT?

The CHIPS ACT has released its first funding opportunity on February 28, 2023, this was meant to boost domestic microchip manufacturing. The act is meant to open up jobs for the construction workers, in addition to workers to operate within the new buildings. 


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The CHIPS ACT is a National Priority 

  • The CHIPS ACT would allow for microchips and semiconductors to be made in the United States. Being able to make it domestically would improve economic and national security. 
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing in the United States has declined from 37% in 1990 to 12% today. 


  • The CHIPS ACT would address the supply chain issues. 
    • It would provide $52 billion in manufacturing grants and research investments
    • It would establish a 25% investments tax credit (ITC)

Why Semiconductors are Important

Semiconductors are a critical part of national security, technology leadership, and economy. The Semiconductors are key to the economy they are used in aerospace, automobiles, communications, defense systems, information technology, manufacturing, medical technologies and more. 

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