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A Voting Information Guide: Home

This is a voter guide provided by Flint Hills Technical College in the interest of promoting civic education and knowledge.


Nonpartisan Voting Information

Nonpartisan: not partisan; especially: free from party affiliation, bias, or designation (Merriam-Webster)

In a recent story for NPR, a researcher from Tufts University conducted “a survey of working-class youth, and found that nearly 20 percent of young people said they don't think they know enough to be able to vote” (Khalid 2018).  As part of Flint Hills Technical College’s mission to promote “personal growth and preparation for professional and civic responsibilities;” the information and websites provided below are to encourage all students, faculty, and staff to have the opportunity to be knowledgeable voters (Mission 8).  The websites and information are designated as nonpartisan (reference definition above) and are shared with you for the purposes of education. If you need assistance, have questions, or need more information- please feel free to contact the Director of Information Resources.

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Are you Registered to Vote?

Encouragement to Vote

Student Vote- The electoral Process

Youth Debates- Why Should You Vote?

TedEd- Does your vote count?

"7 Excuse not to Vote- Eliminated"

Know Enough to Vote!

Vote 411

Vote 411 is managed by the League of Women Voters.  The site provides information about Candidates, polling places, the voting process, ID requirements, deadlines/times, and more.  

Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote is a nonprofit dedicated to building the power of young people founded in 1990 by music executives and partnering with MTV. The site provides step by step instructions for preparing and going through the voting process. 


Ballotpedia provides easily accessible information on what candidates are running for all positions and provides links to additional information. 


Loud Light engages, educates, and empowers individuals from underrepresented populations to build community power that has an impact on decision makers. Through creative action, accessible information, and coalition building, we empower you to demand change. 


My Ballot from the Wichita Eagle

Additional Resources


Please note that information provided on this page was sourced from public websites which voting and election information.  If there are any additions, corrections or removal of information please contact:
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