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Division of Gen Ed: Physical and Life Science: BI 201/202 A & P

Research and Resource Connections for Physical and Life Science Courses

Course Description

Anatomy and Physiology offers information concerning normal human structures and functions and the developmental changes that occur during an individual’s lifespan.  The student will learn specific information about factors related to expected and abnormal anatomical and physiological changes associated with the body’s major organ systems.

Key Topic Research Connection

Note: In most cases, the resources that are linked below have resources for every topic area.  Variety is provided so that you can explore which resource provides you with the best assistance in better understanding the topics being covered.

I. Body Plan and Organization

II. Homeostasis

III. Chemistry and Cell Biology

IV. Histology

V. Integumentary System

VI. Skeletal System 

VII. Muscular System

VIII. Nervous System

IX. Special Senses

X. Endocrine System

XI. Cardiovascular System

XII. Lymphatic System

XIII. Respiratory System

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